September 6, 2022

Chris Cantore Announces Podcast Production Network with Award-Winning Binational Firm, IVC Media

Written by Chris Cantore

Chris Cantore Announces Podcast Production Network with Award-Winning Binational Firm, IVC Media

Chris Cantore
“OLAS Media helps me reach an audience that believes and appreciates the notion that trusted Knowledge is Power. ”

San Diego/California, September 6, 2022 -- San Diego radio veteran Chris Cantore and IVC Media partner Chad Peace, President of IVC Media Mexico Juan Hernandez, along with Senior Producer JC Polk, Director Creativo Elia Ramos Espinoza, y Gerente General Jessica Garcia are proud to announce a San Diego-based, cross-border partnership to launch the “next wave” in podcast production and distribution.

For more than a decade, IVC Media has produced award-winning full-stack digital media content for some of the most difficult public relations projects.

In partnering with Chris Cantore, OLAS Media will leverage one of San Diego’s best-known and well-respected voices and a binational creative digital team to provide one-stop access to Amplify your voice on either side of the border.

OLAS Media has launched with a host of shows, including Inside the Crime Files with Anne Marie Schubert, Cannabis Enlightened with Dr. Leroy Brady, Bird’s Word, The Monday M.A.S.S. and The Chris Cantore Show.

A growing line-up of new San Diego-grown shows, like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and 20 Doors with real estate mogul Nate Abbo, are getting ready for launch within the year.

From first-class studio space to world-class production and digital marketing services, OLAS Media offers businesses, community leaders, and entertainers a platform to Amplify their brands.

“OLAS Media helps me reach an audience that believes and appreciates the notion that trusted Knowledge is Power. ”

-Dr. Leroy Brady, host of Cannabis Enlightened

About Chris Cantore

A recognized leader in all forms of audio, Chris Cantore spent 25+ years on San Diego morning radio as host of “The Cantore Show” on 91X, KPRi, and FM949. An early adopter of online radio and podcasting, he transitioned into digital media launching content platforms at NBC-San Diego and the San Diego Union Tribune. 


About JC Polk

JC brings 20 years of experience in commercial and public radio to OLAS Media. His time in public education and non-profit development feeds his desire to empower content creators by providing an inclusive and equitable network that reaches audiences often overlooked.

About Chad Peace

Chad is the founder and President of IVC Media and a partner at the law firm of Peace & Shea LLP. Born and raised in San Diego, Chad is committed to telling the real stories of people, business, and life in Southern and Baja California -- to help realize the potential of our regional community and economy.

About Juan Hernandez

Juan is a binational, bicultural and bilingual resident of San Diego. The digital director at OLAS Media, he uses his diverse knowledge of traditional and digital outreach to shape and execute outside the box strategies and content marketing. In addition to being a digital consultant, Juan is an aspiring health & fitness podcast host. 

About Jessica Garcia

Jessica is a local San Diegan with vast experience in project management, social media strategies, and community relations. Her experience in these fields have given her the tools to develop comprehensive strategies for targeting and marketing through a communal lens.

About Elia Ramos Espinoza

Elia is a bilingual communicologist, ambitious and passionate about everything creative and project management, she believes that every idea can have the power to transcend cultures, markets and technologies, a problem solver who finds the best ways to get things done and creates things people love.

About OLAS Media

OLAS Media distributes meaningful podcasts backed by world class production and diverse voices. Our mission is to provide unparalleled support to anyone who wants to Amplify their brand. For advertisers, sponsors, and hosts, OLAS creates multi-platform content and delivers it to target audiences...where they are.

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