October 27, 2022

Trust and Believe

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"Will there be a real estate crash in the future?"
Justin Isaac
Nate Abbo

Get your real estate news from San Diego’s #1 agent of 2021! Nathan Abbo has over twenty years of experience as an agent and was able to transform from agent into a developer - as he puts it, he’s really in real estate. Nathan Abbo’s pilot episode and first guest for 20 Doors is with San Diego’s Lawyer in Blue Jeans, Justin Isaac.

Do you own property? Is your property under a Will or Trust? Justin explains the pain that is the probate process and urges all property owners to create a Living Trust to avoid it. As he put it, probate is like going to the DMV for three years. Are you married or getting divorced with property under a Trust? The Lawyer in Blue Jeans also has some great tips for you on what a trust does and does not protect you from. 

Nathan and Justin dig into our country’s inflation problem, their opinion as to why and how it happened, and their forecast on the future of the U.S. In their opinion, the 2% interest rate was a scam. Do you agree? Will there be a real estate crash in the future? Get these questions and more answered by tuning in! 

If you are interested in real estate in the San Diego (North Park) Area, reach out to Nathan - in addition to being an agent/developer he also gives an anecdote about being an agent with a heart. 

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