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Our team of experienced senior producers and production assistants will make sure you don’t look like another idiot with a mic.

With decades of radio, public media, and campaign experience, OLAS Media producers and production assistants are methodical, professional, and dedicated to making YOU look good.

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sponsorship integration

You'll have the opportunity to provide a personalized message that aligns with the episode's content, making the sponsorship feel organic and natural.
Bring your sponsorship wherever the show goes, receive episodic creative assets to help lift your brand, and integrate audio and visual elements into your brand’s marketing strategies.
Advertise your brand across Olas Media’s catalog of shows, subscribers, and gain exclusive access to work with our hosts on creating content tailored to your promotional needs.

full stack digital creative services

Olas Media is a part IVC Media's full-stack award-winning digital team.

We have a full-stack team of website developers, digital creative designers, and content strategists that power successful campaigns.

Commercial, non-profit, and government relations. We develop and execute strategic marketing and communications plans. And every single one is unique.

So whether you're selling your product, promoting your services, or pushing a message that people just need to hear, ask our team how we can help.’’


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JC Polk

JC brings 20 years of experience in commercial and public media to OLAS Media. His time in public education and non-profit development feeds his desire to empower content creators by providing an inclusive and equitable network that reaches audiences often overlooked.  He seeks to make OLAS a changing tide for storytellers, producers, and stewards of information.

Chad Peace

Chad is the founder and President of IVC Media, an award-winning binational digital media company and a partner at the law firm of Peace & Shea LLP. He has degrees in economics and philosophy from UCLA and earned his JD at the USD School of Law, where he volunteers as a coach for their international arbitration team. Born and raised in San Diego, Chad is committed to telling the real stories of people, business, and life in Southern and Baja California -- to help realize the potential of our regional community and economy. He lives with his wife Arieli, son Angelo, and dog Lua in East County San Diego and travels regularly to visit Arieli's family in Brazil and IVC Media's offices in Mexico.

Juan Hernandez
Partner/IVC Media

Juan is a binational, bicultural and bilingual resident of San Diego. The digital director at OLAS Media, he uses his diverse knowledge of traditional and digital outreach to shape and execute outside the box strategies and content marketing. In addition to being a digital consultant, Juan is an aspiring health & fitness podcast host.

Partner/IVC Media
Jessica Garcia
Project manager

Jessica is a local San Diegan with vast experience in project management, social media strategies, and community relations. Her experience in these fields have given her the tools to develop comprehensive strategies for targeting and marketing through a communal lens.

Project manager
Lina Alvarez

Lina is an energetic, outgoing, and ambitious bilingual Audio Producer and Media Communicator. She was born and raised in Colombia. She brings her passion for studio operations and creativity to improve the human listening experience, she loves to sing and spend time with her husband and friends in San Diego where she resides now.



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