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The Independent Voter Project continues to foster conversations and exchanges with the Politic Deli podcast. Dan Howle continues his heralded public service career with honest and open conversations with policy makers past and present. Politic Deli provides a bridge to the partisan communication gap by re-establishing civil exchange.

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An East Coast native, Dan Howle is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he majored in history and political science.

Mr. Howle’s professional career began in 1974 when he accepted a position with Assemblyman Lou Papan in the California State Assembly.  In 1976, Dan joined the staff of the Speaker’s Office of Majority Consultants in the State Assembly. As a Senior Consultant, Dan provided training and development for newly elected legislators and staff.  From 1979 to 1981 Mr. Howle held the position of Chief Consultant to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee.

Dan left state government service and moved to the private sector in 1981 when he became Manager of State Government Relations for the AMFAC Corporation.  His responsibilities included government relations in five western states.

Dan returned to public affairs in 1991 as Executive Director of the Urban County Caucus. He left that position in 1994 to become Vice President for the Tobacco Institute where he remained until late 1999.  His transition back to public service was completed when he became Chief of Staff to California State Senator Steve Peace.

Dan recently retired after 16 years as Director of State Government Relations for a major pharmaceutical manufacturer, Eli Lilly and Company. He has accepted the position of Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of the Independent Voter Project.  In addition, Mr. Howle serves on the boards of the California Governor’s Cup Foundation, the Foundation for Independent Voter Education, and the National Association of Non-partisan Reformers.


August 15, 2023

Make it with Mexico: The Importance of Cross-Border Understanding in the San Diego Region

Binational entrepreneur, Juan Hernandez Sr., Former Senator, Steve Peace, and Senator Brian Jones join host Assemblymember, David Alvarez on the Politic Deli podcast to discuss the importance of cross-border cooperation and collaboration between California and Mexico.

May 4, 2023

Live From The IVP Summit, Andy Moore and Stephen Walker Talk About The Elements of Reform.

Diane Castaneda

From the IVP Summit in Hawaii, retired corrections officer Stephen Walker talks to Andy Moore, Executive Director of NANR (National Association of Non-Partisan Reformers). Stephen serves as IVP Board Member and shares how his passion led him to the Independent Voter Project. Andy speaks to the value of convening, catalyzing and connecting, when challenging and changing policies and how primaries work.

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