January 18, 2024

A.I. and Data: How They Will Shape the 2024 Election

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"Looking for new voters, for independent voters, is absolutely going to be critical. "- Paul Westcott
Dan Howle

Ready to transform your political consulting game? Paul Westcott, the Executive Vice President at L2, brings over a decade of experience in providing vital voter data to political campaigns. He delves into the game-changing role of AI and advanced data analytics, enabling precise voter targeting and engagement. But that's not all—additional guest Chad Peace sheds light on how data is making it easier to reach neglected voters often missing from voter files.

Discover how data wields substantial influence in election outcomes, the importance of early voting strategies, and how tribalism impacts political affiliations. Dive into the world of strategic data utilization, from core voter mobilization to reaching untapped demographics.

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