December 27, 2022

Breaking Free From Social Media with Larissa May of Half The Story Project

Written by Diane Castañeda

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"What we put out on social media divides us more than it does connect us."
Larissa May
Bryan Miller

Larissa May with Half the Story Project joins us to discuss critical legislation to address social media addiction and mental health.

Half the Story Project is a non-profit with a mission to empower the next generation’s relationship with technology. In this episode, Larissa talks to Bryan Miller about her unhealthy relationship with social media, why it is critical to pass the Social Media Duty to Children’s Act (AB2408), and why every American should support it, particularly parents. 

“Half The Story comes from the idea that social media is only half of the story. What we put out on social media divides us more than it does connect us. And it really came out of my own experience as a young digital native trying to understand my role in the digital world and in really thinking about and better understanding how these digital devices and platforms actually impacted my mental health because I was only seeing one side of the story.”  - Larissa explains.

The episode dives deep into why it’s important to break free from the echo chambers that the social media algorithm creates, how social media has affected the mental health of many users, and how passing the bill will ultimately help create accountability so that we can help break some of these cycles.

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