July 6, 2023

Cannabis Lounges to Foster Healthy Lifestyles and Communities

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"Social lounges serve as a welcoming environment fostering a sense of community and socialization.‍"
Dr. Amanda Reiman
Dr. Leroy

In a new episode of Cannabis Enlightened, Dr. Leroy has a very special guest, Dr. Amanda Reiman Ph.D., founder of Personal Plants, a platform designed to help people develop healthy, balanced relationships with psychoactive plants. 

Dr. Reiman has been studying the relationship between cannabis, people and greater society for over 20 years. Apart from being the founder of Personal Plants, she is the Knowledge Officer for New Frontier Data, an analytics company serving the legal cannabis industry. Dr. Reiman earned her PhD in Social Welfare from the University of California and conducted one of the first research studies on medical cannabis patients and the use of cannabis as a substitute for alcohol and other drugs. 

Dr. Leroy and Dr. Reiman talked about the impact of cannabis consumption, the consequences, the benefits of drinkable cannabis, and the difference between alcohol and cannabis in a social setting. Additionally, they explore how social lounges serve as a welcoming environment fostering a sense of community and socialization.

“I think that the topic we're going to be discussing today, cannabis lounges, really fits in well with what healthy balanced cannabis use looks like and the ability of people to share in the experience and also provide some harm reduction around some of the potential downfalls of using a psychoactive substance,’ Amanda explains. 

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