December 19, 2022

“Cannabis was the Case They Gave Me!

Written by Study Shows: Cannabis Saved Her Life

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Study Shows: Cannabis Saved Her Life
Nicole and Jaime Fernandez
Dr. Leroy

Returning to Cannabis Enlighten is Nicole and Jaime Fernandez, of Grace H+W, and they are sharing some unbelievable news! Dr. Leroy sits down with Nicole and Jaime to talk about their experience battling Metastatic breast cancer and how incorporating cannabis into their daily wellness regimen helped save Nicole’s life. 

In August 2018, Nicole was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic breast cancer. With no mastectomy, no radiations, and only three rounds of chemo, by January 2019, Nicole was in remission. 

Their experience is now detailed in their new case study, The Fernandez Report, which was released in Fall of 2022. The report dives into the therapeutic potential of cannabis when treating cancer patients. 

A remarkable episode that you need to listen to as Nicole and Jamie talk about how their successful experience went above and beyond statistics and expectations – making it one of Dr. Leroy's favorite case studies to discuss.

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