April 12, 2024

Car Guy Lands Dream Job as CEO of San Diego Automotive Museum

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“The automobile represents freedom. You can get in that thing, go anywhere you want…You're not gonna do it on the subway or any of that. If you wanna, like, ‘I'm out of here’, You get in your car and go.” - Lenny Leszczynski

Lenny Leszczynski is a car guy, dating back to his days as a young man who drove a Daytona Blue 1964 Chevy Impala, but his wife was not expecting him to land this job.

 After all, Lenny had never been a CEO before. He did take advantage of all the free time the pandemic gave us by going back to school to earn an advanced degree. He was in Disneyland with his wife and kids hours after his job interview when he received the call. He got the job. He was the new CEO of the San Diego Automotive Museum located in Balboa Park.  

 That was four years ago. Since then, Lenny and his team have taken several steps to breathe new life into the automotive museum, and they have some ambitious plans for one of the city’s coolest spaces. And Lenny knows a thing or two about cool. Just ask him about that Impala he purchased when he was 17.

He discusses all that and more with Tony and Juan in this episode of Dear San Diego.

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