November 22, 2022

Citizens United: The $5 Billion Political Industry and the Campaign to End It

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"In the election prior to the Citizens United case, election spending was at about $175M USD"
Tiffany Muller
Bryan Miller

Bryan Miller digs into big money in politics in this episode of Nation State of Play along with his guest Tiffany Muller from End Citizens United. Tiffany and Bryan discuss how states can get involved to address this issue and the direct impact of big money in the 2022 midterm elections honing in on the elephant in the room - does money corrupt politics? 

Citizens United is a landmark case decided by the Supreme Court in 2010 that ultimately decided that money is protected under the First Amendment as speech; therefore there should be no limit to how much money outside interests spend on political campaigns. What happened as a result? In the election prior to the Citizens United case, election spending was at about $175M USD - that number has jumped to about $5B USD.

Tiffany goes on to talk about specific case studies on why she and her team hope to end Citizens United and ideally reinstate the country’s trust in government. Considering there were laws to combat money in politics to limit campaign spending and Citizens United opened the flood gates a dozen years ago with a more liberal Supreme Court, Tiffany looks to the states to create their own laws to change the way money is flooded into politics. 

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