August 4, 2023

Cuentos Para Niños: La importancia de la amistad y el trabajo en equipo / The Importance of Friendship and Teamwork

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En este encantador episodio de “El Libro Valiente” titulado "Manuela, una Manzanada de Diversión", Lina y Melissa invitan a los niños a descubrir un mundo lleno de amor y amistad, acompañado de obstáculos, de trabajo en equipo y de diversión.
Lina Alvarez & Melissa Sanchez

In this enchanting episode of “El Libro Valiente” titled: Manuela, a Fun Apple Adventure” Lina and Melissa invite the children to discover a world filled with love and friendship, accompanied by obstacles, teamwork, and fun.

“Manuela, a Fun Apple Adventure '' is an episode where you’ll meet Manuela, a joyous and courageous apple with a big dream: to participate in the school Olympics. Although she’s not very skilled in sports, she finds unwavering support from her fruity friends. Together, they embark on an exciting journey of training and challenges, strengthening their deep friendship. As Manuela prepares for the big competition, she learns that true victory is not about winning medals but about the love and support she receives from those around her.

So, don’t miss out on this great story filled with smiles, learning, and lots of fun!

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