September 3, 2023

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Jessica Grounds’ push to Level the Playing Field and Advance Young Leaders

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Jessica is a force in the diversity, equity and inclusion arena.

Jessica Grounds does not shy away from a challenge and that’s a good thing considering she spends her days developing young leaders and striving for change in board rooms, on committees, and in corner offices. 

Backed by years of experience and painstaking research, Jessica is CEO Corporate Directors Forum and co-owner of Mine The Gap, an international consulting business that helps organizations harness the power of diverse leadership and inclusive work environments. Jessica is a force in the diversity, equity and inclusion arena. She’s also a mom to two little ones and a wife to a husband she met when she was working on political campaigns in her 20s in Washington – helping women get elected. Jessica’s husband is a Republican; she’s a Democrat. 

Jessica discusses that, political divisiveness, advice for emerging leaders, her journey back to San Diego (where her daughter attends the same elementary school she attended), and more in a wide-ranging discussion with Tony. Juan was on vacation when this podcast was recorded.

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