September 18, 2023

Driving Criminal Justice Reform: Collaborating Across Perspectives with Ewan Watt

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“We have to treat folks who sometimes might disagree with us on several other issues with the dignity and respect that we think is critical.” - Ewan Watt
Steph B

Despite your dedication and hard work, you may find that the collaboration between diverse perspectives is lacking, hindering progress. We are thrilled to have Ewan Watt as our guest on this episode of Reason 55. Ewan's journey and experiences have shaped his unwavering commitment to criminal justice reform through collaborative principles. Ewan's exposure to different people and ideas from a young age has instilled in him a deep appreciation for collaboration and the power of diverse perspectives. Ewan's unique perspective and tireless efforts make him a catalyst for progress in the fight for a more equitable and just criminal justice system.

In this Reason 55 episode, you'll hear from Ewan, an advocate for criminal justice reform and collaboration between diverse perspectives. Ewan shares his background growing up in Scotland, where he was exposed to different people and ideas, fueling his passion for working with individuals of varied perspectives. He discusses the importance of listening and treating others with respect to find common ground, emphasizing that people want to be heard and understood. Ewan highlights collaborations with organizations like the NAACP, Heritage Foundation, ACLU, and Texas Public Policy Foundation to address criminal justice reform. He also shares an example of working with the Policing Project to ensure the protection of rights while considering public safety. Ewan's approach is rooted in openness, principles of human progress, and the belief that progress can be made by bringing together diverse voices and ideas. If you're involved in criminal justice reform efforts or seeking to collaborate with diverse perspectives, this episode offers insights and strategies for meaningful change.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Explore the delicate balance between public safety and the protection of rights in policing, and uncover strategies for navigating this complex issue.
  • Embrace the need for openness and curiosity when tackling the challenges of criminal justice reform, and uncover the transformative potential that comes from exploring diverse perspectives.
  • Unlock the power of dissent and innovation as catalysts for driving progress in the field of criminal justice reform, and discover how thinking outside the box can lead to transformative change.

Take a Listen to Steph B's conversation with Ewan Watt.

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