December 8, 2022

Embarc Cannabis: From Seizures, to Handcuffs, to an Industry Success Story

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"As far as options went, there really wasn't a lot of education around cannabis as a medicine."
Dustin Mooore
Dr. Leroy

In this episode of Cannabis Enlightened, Dr. Leroy sits with dispensary founder and operator Dustin Moore. Dustin and his wife/partner founded Embarc dispensaries; Embarc has five soon-to-be six!) dispensaries throughout California with plans to have 22 open by 2024. 

Dustin has deep personal ties to cannabis and the War on Drugs in California. In the early 1990’s when Dustin was a boy, his father underwent an intense surgery and thereafter suffered from seizures. His father’s doctor was a progressive man and suggested he try cannabis to help with the seizures. Eventually, Dustin’s father was arrested for buying pot on the street. Fast forward to 2014, Dustin is a political community leader and was selected to run the Prop. 64 campaign that eventually legalized adult-use sales and possession of cannabis. 

Tune in to hear political insider knowledge on the making of legal California cannabis, the rise of cannabis as a bipartisan issue and the stigma cannabis still holds throughout industries as regulations make the plant a household commodity. To find a local Embarc store visit 

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