September 27, 2023

Get to Know Brian Maienschein: Exploring the Race for San Diego City Attorney

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It's an unfortunate reality that successful and effective programs can sometimes be discontinued due to bureaucracy or changes in leadership.
Justin Isaac

A cost-effective and compassionate solution to homelessness, Project 25 positively impacted many lives in San Diego.  Brian Maienschein championed Project 25, underscoring it as a high point of his service. In his conversation with Justin Isaac, he shared the heartening success of the project, having provided resources and housing to 39 chronically homeless individuals.

The program targeted those most in need of help and used resources wisely. By analyzing data from multiple agencies and providing targeted assistance, the program demonstrated an effective and efficient approach to assisting the homeless. His enthusiasm is palpable when discussing the program's impact and informed approach, showing his commitment to evidence-based solutions.

 The discontinuation of a program like Project 25, represents a setback to addressing homelessness. Even so, it can serve as a blueprint for future initiatives, prompting future leaders to prioritize data-focused and compassionate solutions. Brian Maienschein's frustration over the discontinuation of Project 25 can be understood. In his discussion with Justin Isaac, he explained that the cessation of the program represented a lost opportunity to meaningfully address homelessness in San Diego. He demonstrated his comprehensive understanding of homelessness. Recognizing its complexity, he emphasized the need for evidence-based solutions like Project 25. 

He emphasized the necessity of a comprehensive understanding of law to navigate potential conflicts and ensure transparency, further underlining his qualification and readiness for the role of city attorney.

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