December 18, 2023

Hip Hop Artists Get Real About Hardships and Dreams

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Manifestation is real. If you learn anything from us today, remember that. - Mr. Wowzer

Popular podcaster and host Mr. Wowzer recently welcomed emerging hip hop artists Mercury X Uni and 33 Breeze onto his show to discuss their personal journeys and perspectives on today's music industry. Hailing from San Diego and Chicago respectively, both guests grew up immersed in hip hop culture and overcame challenges to pursue their passion for music professionally.

During the wide-ranging conversation, both touched on early musical influences, including family members and hip hop legends who inspired them to start singing, writing lyrics, and developing their own styles. Though facing hardship losing friends and peers to street violence, the guests credit strong support systems for helping motivate their careers while allowing them to avoid negative lifestyles.

In discussing the current state of hip hop, the artists expressed concern over declining originality and a repetitive focus on stereotypical themes like violence and wealth. However, they believe renewed consciousness from leading artists signals positive change on the horizon. Mercury and Breeze stressed that unity and a willingness to be different are vital for the genre's evolution. They also acknowledged potentially dangerous industry pressures, applauding Youngboy for boldly labeling the business demonic.

Beyond examining hip hop trends, the conversation explored the significant dangers posed by synthetic cannabinoids. With contaminants like embalming fluids causing severe health issues, Mercury and Breeze strongly warned against using unregulated cannabis products, especially with innocence children frequently mistaking them for regular treats. They emphasized taking precautions and supporting legal, tested sources.

In closing, the musicians reflected on the remarkable nature of their journey together thus far, overcoming old conversations doubting their potential. They credited personal will and manifestation as drivers of their success but maintained that assembling a strong, dedicated team is essential as well. As the next generation of artists, Mercury Uni X and 33 Breeze aim to change prevailing narratives in the industry by remaining fiercely authentic and committed to their craft and supporters.

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