October 11, 2022

Interview with Will Rollins: The Democrat Who May Unseat California’s Longest Service Republican Congressmember

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"For the first time, this district has more registered Democrats than Republicans."
Will Rollins
Bryan Miller

In this show of Nation State of Play we speak to Congressional Candidate Will Rollins, who hopes to outseat longtime Republican Congressman in the 41st District. We cover the legal implications for gay marriage from the overturn of Roe v. Wade, the latest on the January 6th investigations, and whether and where Trump may be indicted.

The longest serving GOP member of Congress in California has a fierce competition ahead of him. The 41st District is now a toss up after redistricting; the district lost conservative places like Murrieta and northern Temecula and gained places like Palm Springs and La Quinta that largely voted for Biden. This caused a seven point swing in the district and, for the first time, this district has more registered Democrats than Republicans. 

Rollins is an openly gay and pro-choice candidate. His opponent could be described as an extremist - he has a track record of voting for harsh anti choice laws and anti LGBTQ rights. Rollins explains that his opponent’s track record gives him a unique advantage to gain votes across party lines, from Democrats to Libertarians and even Republicans. Rollins goes on to say a large majority of the U.S. population believes in the right of privacy “in the bedroom” which go hand-in-hand with pro choice and LGBTQ rights. 

Tune in to hear Rollins’ thoughts on the extreme views of the Republican Party and the Supreme Court and how it relates to the country’s political temperature. 

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