May 14, 2024

Killian Wells - Eau de Tomato: Now This Movie Really Stinks

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"I have to fully endorse the product because where else can you get the opportunity to smell like killer tomatoes and impress your friends and have them guess what it is you smell like?" - Costa Dillon
Costa Dillon

Costa shamelessly talks about how many think our beloved cult classic stunk up the movie theaters. Well, this is the episode taking it to an entirely new level!  Announcing a new perfume honoring the franchise, we sniff out the story behind Killian Wells and his aromatic empire, Xyrena. A New Yorker turned Austinite, Killian swapped music notes for scent notes, channeling his cinema obsession into perfumes that pack a punchline. This episode uncovers how his decade in LA and a lifelong movie mania inspired Xyrena's film-flavored fragrances—think nostalgia in a VHS case! (SECRET: You can get your own for FREE!)

Today, Killian dives into his latest nose-worthy narrative: capturing the chaotic charm of "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" in a bottle. By tapping into the juicy trend of tomato-based scents, he's placed Xyrena at the forefront of fragrance innovation, marrying cult cinema with olfactory art. It's a trendsetter’s blend of market savvy and movie magic.

Tune in as we explore how Killian's fragrant flicks turn cinephiles into scent enthusiasts, proving that a great movie can indeed come with a signature smell. It’s not just about sniffing the popcorn; it’s about inhaling the whole cinema experience, one spritz at a time!

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