May 4, 2023

"Legal Showdowns and Afroman's Defamation: Lawyers in Blue Jeans Dish on Dominion vs Fox News!"

Written by Diane Castaneda

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“When we see about the grand jury, there is zero explanation of the process and how it all works"
Jeff Isaac
Justin Isaac

It’s a family reunion of two lawyers in blue jeans. Attorney and original host of the Lawyer in Blue Jeans radio show, Jeff Isaac, joins Justin Isaac to discuss some very controversial cases in recent news. 

While averting any political or partisan views, they review the recent Fox News and Dominion settlement case and remind us what role ‘common sense’ should play within the legal world when it comes to sentencing.

“When we see about the grand jury, there is zero explanation of the process and how it all works, and I think people would be interested in seeing how things work, so let’s talk about that.” - Justin explains.

Jeff and Justin then go on to talk about another interesting case dealing with rapper, Afroman, and the Ohio police. Police had searched his home on suspicion of stolen property and drug trafficking, but found no evidence. Afroman, whose real name is Joseph Foreman, feeling like he had been wrongfully accused and racially profiled, put home footage of the police raid in his music videos. Ohio police then used Foreman for defamation, emotional distress, and reputation damage. Do they have a case? The Lawyers in Blue Jeans explain. 

Join Justin Isaac and his guests, as they discuss wacky laws, crazy cases, and everything legal in the Lawyer in Blue Jeans podcast. Available on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. 

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