January 12, 2024

Steve Lundquist - Diving into Tomatoes

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"I got a call from my agent, he said, show up on time, know your lines and you'll be done. I said, absolutely. Sounds like fun...and we had a blast." - Steve Lundquist
Costa Dillon

Dive into the quirky world of "Killer Tomatoes" with Olympic gold medalist and actor Steve Lundquist! In our latest podcast episode, Steve shares his unique journey from the Olympic pool to the chaotic tomato fields of this cult classic series. Known for his roles in the second, third, and fourth films, he brings a splash of humor and a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes stories. From on-set camaraderie to memorable moments, Steve's insights offer fans a deeper look into the making of these iconic movies. Tune in for a delightful mix of horror, humor, and satire with a side of Olympic spirit!

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