September 27, 2022

The Impact Reproductive Rights On Voter Outcome

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"Many Republicans are ignoring their pro choice backgrounds in order to adhere to their party leaders."
Shannon Olivieri
Bryan Miller

In this episode of Nation State of Play, Shannon Olivieri - Director of NARAL Pro Choice California returns to the show to talk about the choice-focused political fights across the country.

Reproductive justice has been in shambles since Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court earlier this year. The House is pushing for a nationwide abortion ban, California is voting to codify abortion as a state right through Prop 1 this November and many other states will be voting not only on abortion but on access to contraceptives. Given that the masses across the aisle are pro choice, will reproductive rights be enough to get folks out to vote this November? 

Shannon gives a recap of the congressional races that are crucial for Pro Choice candidates, starting in California. She explains why California is the backbone of keeping the House. She explains the candidates that are contradictory in their position on reproductive justice. For example, Representatives Michelle Park Steel, Young Kim and Mike Garcia voted against the right to contraceptives and other anti choice laws; however, they hide their anti choice agenda. These candidates know California is largely a pro choice state. 

Shannon stresses that most people, whether Democrats or Republicans support reproductive justice issues. Many Republicans are ignoring their pro choice backgrounds in order to adhere to their party leaders. Our host begs the question to Shannon, is it because Lindsey Graham feels the Republican party has lost the middle? Tune in to find out more about reproductive choice law and politics in California and our country.

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