February 2, 2023

Tianna Woodruff talks Cannabis, Social Equity, How to Break Stereotypes.

Written by Diane Castañeda

Queen Mary is challenging the stereotypical perceptions of cannabis
Tianna Woodruff
Dr. Leroy

Dr. Leroy from Cannabis Enlightened interviews Tianna Woodruff, founder and CEO of Queen Mary, a brand that creates cannabis products geared toward women.  

Tianna talks about how Queen Mary is challenging the stereotypical perceptions of cannabis and bridging the gap between the medicinal side of cannabis and the recreational side of cannabis. Through her brand, Tianna is attacking the social inequities and providing a selection of labels that 'give women back their power and vivify(ing) their day’. 

“There are two different things to social equity. There are the legacy people that you know are operating in the illicit market before cannabis came into the mainstream. And then there's also the social equity people that were affected by the war on drugs. They weren't necessarily in the business or they had family members or they come from impoverished communities that were affected by the war on drugs,” Tianna explained. 

Dr. Leroy and Tianna go on to talk about the small number of women in the cannabis industry and her best advice for women starting in the cannabis business.

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