August 10, 2023

Unraveling the Truth: How Bail Policies Undermine Victims' Rights

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We need to retake our public spaces and have elected officials who are going to enforce the laws. We can't let quality of life crimes erode our urban experience. - Eric Siddall
Eric Siddall, Eric Granof, Patricia Wenskunas
Anne Marie Schubert

In this episode, our guest speakers, Eric Siddall, Eric Granof, and Patricia Wenskunas, will share the truth behind these myths and provide a deeper understanding of the consequences of bail reform policies. The conversation sheds light on the need for common sense and balance in criminal justice reform. 

Eric Granof emphasizes the importance of voters using common sense when making decisions about criminal justice policies. He urges listeners to move past political ideology and consider the practical implications of forgiving misdemeanor crimes. 

Granof highlights studies that show a reduction in reoffending when certain misdemeanors are forgiven.,Eric Siddall draws attention to the impact of quality of life crimes on communities. He stresses the need for effective law enforcement and elected officials who prioritize the enforcement of laws that protect public spaces and property rights. 

Siddall discusses the issue of homelessness in Los Angeles and how certain policies undermine public safety.,Patricia Wenskunas represents victims' rights and emphasizes the importance of listening to victims' voices. She calls on listeners to get involved in the community, show compassion, and support nonprofit organizations that help victims. Wenskunas stresses the need for a criminal justice system that respects and upholds victims' rights.,The guests conclude by urging listeners to vote based on common sense and support policies that prioritize public safety and victims' rights. 

They emphasize the need to bridge political divides and unite around the shared goal of creating a safe and secure society.,In this episode of Inside the Crime Files podcast, host Anne Marie Schubert is joined by guests Eric Siddall, Eric Granof, and Patricia Wenskunas to discuss the bail system's impact on public safety and victims' rights. The conversation delves into the importance of common sense and balanced criminal justice reform.,Eric Granof highlights the need for voters to use common sense and question policies that may seem counterintuitive. He encourages listeners to move beyond political ideology and focus on practical outcomes.

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