February 16, 2023

Veteran Byran Buckley Talks PTS and How Cannabis Saved His Life

Written by Diane Castañeda

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“My body was at war with itself"
Bryan Buckley
Dr. Leroy

On this week’s episode of Cannabis Enlightened, Dr. Leroy interviews Marine Veteran Bryan Buckely, the CEO and founder of Helmon Valley Growers. HVGC has been in discussions with some of the cannabis industry’s top researchers and has developed a veteran based protocol to effectively prove the benefits of medical cannabis when dealing with Post Traumatic Stress. HVGC is supported and essentially run by three Marine Raiders that served following 9/11.

Bryan talks about his time serving the Iraq war, shared some pretty intense war stories, how they affected his mental and physical health after being discharged, and how he found cannabis as life saving in the fight against PTS.

“My body was at war with itself. I couldn't sleep. Just the pain would be really bad at night. And I'm alone with my thoughts. And it was just a terrible way of life. And someone said, Hey, why don't you try some cannabis and… obviously, in the military, you're like, well, you don't even think about it. But when I tried it, it literally felt like a warm blanket enveloped itself around my head, which was the first time my body was finally at peace with itself and I could get some sleep.” Bryan recalls the first time he tried cannabis.

Through his HVGC, Bryan spends his life educating the public about the benefits of Cannabis when dealing with PTSd for other Veterans, including himself.

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