January 30, 2024

Why He Says Loving What You Do Matters More Than Degrees in Cannabis

Written by Lina Alvarez

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Take time for yourself, take time for your mental health, take time for your baseline. Otherwise I'm not going to get the best version of you. - Chris Morsette
Chris Morsette
Dr. Leroy

Chris Morsette, the President and Head of Cultivation at Know, shared his fascinating journey. He began working at the company six years ago, starting as a labor worker while pursuing his business degree. Chris's introduction to the cannabis industry came from his family's background in second-generation farming. His early experiences in small-scale outdoor cultivation eventually led him to the commercial indoor sector. He emphasized the importance of finding a suitable growing methodology and immersing oneself in learning and experience. His personal insights and dedication to the craft are a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis cultivation. Chris's journey serves as a reminder that the cannabis industry is built on a foundation of passion, perseverance, and continuous learning.

Chris emphasized the importance of mastering your cultivation methods and finding a methodology that aligns with your goals and capacity. Whether you're focused on traditional growing styles, crop steering methods, or specific growing mediums, it's crucial to immerse yourself in the information available and stick with a consistent approach.

Dr. Leroy and Chris delved into the complexities of the traditional (black) market and the regulated (legal) market. Chris provided insights into the challenges and motivations for cultivators to transition from the black market to the legal market, shedding light on the evolving dynamics within the industry.

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