January 12, 2024

Chad Peace - A "Good" Child Actor

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The lasting value of Killer Tomatoes is to make a social political commentary without taking sides. It's an opportunity to laugh a little bit, not take ourselves so seriously, and understand that if we can't laugh at ourselves, then that's a pretty boring world to live in. - Chad Peace
Costa Dillon

Meet Chad Peace, the original “good” kid who's now a digital media maestro! His journey began as a child actor in "Return of the Killer Tomatoes," where he shared the screen with a pre-fame George Clooney. Today, Chad is a key player in reimagining the brand for a new era, blending his early tomato adventures with a knack for savvy storytelling. He's the mastermind keeping the Killer Tomatoes legacy vibrant and relevant in the digital age, by continuing to infuse it with humor and a hearty dose of tomato-flavored nostalgia.

Shaped by his father's involvement in the film industry, he grew up in the "Killer Tomatoes" family. Despite the occasional blush-worthy moments, Chad values these experiences for the familial bond they created between him, his father, and the franchise.

Driven by a desire to unite people through laughter, Chad and Costa are staunch advocates for inclusiveness and respect in the franchise's narrative. His vision? To ensure that the "Killer Tomatoes" not only entertain but also bring people together in a shared, joyous experience.

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