October 19, 2023

Chris Cate On Life After City Hall

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"If you want to be liked, you're in the wrong business. When you're in politics, you have to understand that not everyone will agree with you, and that's okay. Stick to your principles and don't be afraid to take action." - Chris Cate

During his 8 years as a San Diego City Councilmember, Chris Cate was known as the smartest guy on the 10th floor, but he became more than a policy wonk. He worked with council members on both sides of the aisle to create positive change for San Diegans, and he became a force for his District 6 constituents, which includes the neighborhoods of Clairemont Mesa, Kearny Mesa, Mira Mesa, Miramar, Park Village, and Sorrento Valley. Chris was only the third Asian American in San Diego’s history elected to the City Council.

On this episode with Tony and Juan, Chris talks about what he’s most proud of; his luck landing a huge press event with Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker, who grew up in Clairemont; the Chargers running ads attacking Chris – which made national news; and more.

He said the key to succeeding at City Hall is not to take things personally. Another key, he said, is finding balance, something he was intentional about to ensure he was being a good father to his three kids; and a good husband to his wife, Maria.

As the founder of 3MC Strategies, Chris now spends his days as a consultant, assisting clients with government relations and advocacy, coalition building, community outreach, and fiscal and policy analysis. Click here to connect with Chris or learn more about him.

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