December 11, 2022

Comedian and Educator Stephan Sanders Ain’t No Joke

Written by Diane Castañeda

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“We need to put arts back into our education systems."
Dr. Stephan Sanders
Steph B

It's a meeting of the “Stephs”. After meeting on stage, Steph B talks with comedian and educational leader, Dr. Stephan Sanders about their favorite comedians, his educational career, childhood traumas, and the importance of removing the stigma of therapy in the black community. 

As a professional educator and a Superintendent Principal, Dr. Sanders talks about the importance of having performing arts in schools to create more well rounded people that are able to adapt to the world better.

“We need to put arts back into our education systems. We need to put as much money into arts as we do into sports.” - Dr. Stephan Sanders

Dr. Sanders also recounts how the trauma he experienced as a young boy caused him to deal with depersonalization disorder, how this affected his relationships, and how therapy has been an important tool to cope with the disorder. Their conversation goes deeper as they talk about the need to eliminate the stigma of therapy in black culture and the value it can bring to so many people to break generational curses.

Believe us, you won’t want to miss this episode!

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