July 5, 2024

Comic Con Preview : Bringing Back the Killer Tomatoes Franchise - Michael Polis

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There's a certain level of nostalgia affinity for it. For certain people of a certain age, that's their nostalgia era." - Michael Polis

In an exclusive Comic Con preview, Costa sits with Michael Polis, a pivotal figure in entertainment and the mastermind behind Atomic Toy Box Entertainment. Hear what Michael has in store for this year's Comic Con and how he found himself immersed in the world of licensing and merchandising through a serendipitous encounter with Steve and Chad Peace.

This chance meeting sparked a whirlwind adventure into the realm of mutant tomatoes, leading to the establishment of Atomic Toy Box Entertainment. Discover rare collectibles and exclusive Comic Con San Diego merchandise that continue to captivate fans worldwide. Delve into Michael Polis's inspiring story—a testament to the notion that extraordinary adventures often begin with a simple twist of fate. Explore exclusive insights into Atomic Toy Box's creative process and how Michael's vision and passion have shaped the enduring legacy of the Killer Tomatoes franchise.

Don't miss out—listen to this saucy adventure through the vibrant and unpredictable world of mutant tomatoes with Michael Polis!

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