February 23, 2024

Gordon Goodwin - Harmonies and Horror: Composing the Killer Tomato Way

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"I was smart enough to know the axiom of Hollywood: just say 'yes' and figure it out as you go. I knew that much, which is pretty much what I did." - Gordon Goodwin
Costa Dillon

Host, Costa Dillon returns with an episode featuring the soundtrack maestro, Gordon Goodwin. From a green graduate to a Grammy-winning composer behind the cult classic, Costa peels back the layers of Goodwin's career, revealing how he jazzed up his life by leading a big band and hosting a radio show, finding a harmonious balance amidst the chaos of killer tomatoes. Beyond the notes and nominations, discover the unexpected twists and turns in Goodwin's career, offering golden insights for aspiring film composers. It's a blend of melody, mayhem, and tomatoes, showcasing how one can thrive in the industry while staying true to their roots. Tune in for a saucy mix of behind-the-scenes stories, career rejuvenation, and a dash of tomato-inspired wisdom.

In addition to Goodwin's personal journey, this episode also dives into the thick of composing movie scores, slicing through the challenges that come with setting the tone for cinema's most memorable moments. Goodwin shares the hurdles of syncing emotion with melody in a world where tomatoes go rogue, highlighting the tightrope walk between creative vision and the director's expectations. From battling time constraints to the pressure of crafting a score that complements the film's narrative without overshadowing it, listeners will gain insight into the meticulous process behind the music that moves us. It's a deep dive into the art and science of film scoring, seasoned with a dash of tomato, illustrating the complexities and triumphs of bringing a movie's auditory landscape to life.

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