December 28, 2023

Inside the Crime Files: Anne Marie's Year in Review

Written by Lina Alvarez

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The day after whatever happened to their family or to them is the day that they look at the sun a little bit differently. They never see the sunlight the same again. - Kelly Ziegler
Anne Marie Schubert

In this episode of Inside the Crime Files, Anne Marie Schubert takes you on a journey through the past two years of the podcast, shining a light on key cases and guests. From the emotional impact of the Golden State Killer trial to the power of DNA evidence in righting wrongful convictions, Anne Marie emphasizes the human toll of crime and the need for justice. She underscores the importance of not forgetting the victims when shaping policies and laws, highlighting the real consequences of crime and the lasting impact on individuals and families. With a focus on the work of law enforcement professionals and the resilience of victims, She brings attention to the impact of laws and policies on victims' rights and public safety. As the podcast has been recognized among the top 20 prosecutor podcasts, Anne Marie expresses gratitude to the listeners and encourages them to engage with the content, providing feedback on what they want to hear about. So, if you're looking for insights into the impact of crime, the importance of victims in justice, and the real-world consequences of laws and policies, this episode is a must-listen for law enforcement professionals and advocates shaping policies and laws.

Tune in to Inside Crime Files and be part of this impactful journey. Visit to listen and be part of this inspiring exploration. Thank you for being an integral part of this community.

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