October 4, 2023

Making a Difference in San Diego: How Jordan Marks is Transforming County Services

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“We're there for everybody at their moments of need... And they shouldn't happen with red tape or bureaucracy. My office does everything we can to make it seamless and also be thoughtful.” - Jordan Marks
Justin Isaac

In the heart of San Diego County, there lies a public servant who is changing lives one document at a time. Jordan Marks, the County Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk, has a remarkable story that will leave you both inspired and amazed. Jordan and Justin talk about the importance of excellent customer service in county offices and how it can positively impact your experience during important life events. They also explore the implications of Proposition 19 on property transfers and taxes, and how it may impact your plans and finances.

Jordan Marks, in his role as the San Diego County Assessor, emphasizes placing people at the center of their operation to provide excellent customer service. By obtaining feedback and consistently working to refine their services, the goal is to ensure key life events are handled effortlessly.

Jordan Marks and his team aim to provide clear and efficient services during such important milestones. This customer-oriented approach seeks to minimize stress by reducing bureaucratic issues, offering valuable insights on navigating complex procedures, and providing proactive support with a dedicated taxpayer advocate office.

Proposition 19 has brought significant changes to the process of property transfers between parents and children in California, particularly affecting the reassessment of properties beyond primary residences. Understanding these changes is increasingly crucial for individuals, owing to its implications on one's wealth and estate planning. Jordan advises individuals to consider their entire portfolio under Prop 19, emphasizing the necessity of seeking professional advice to navigate these changes effectively, with the ultimate goal of wealth maximization and familial security.

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