July 1, 2024

The 'Green' Room Series at Mic Drop San Diego | Camille Waters

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You have to find what makes you happy, and you have to find what makes you you. And you're the only person who knows that. - Camille Waters
Camille Waters
Walter Ford

Camille Waters understands the familiar pang of self-doubt that often accompanies pursuing unconventional creative dreams. Despite uncertainties, she boldly chose to leave a stable job to dive headfirst into comedy, forging a path filled with challenges and empowering triumphs. Her journey underscores the importance of embracing passion over naysayers' doubts and cultivating a supportive community that celebrates authenticity.

Camille's approach is refreshingly blunt: "I ain't got time to give a f**k what you thinking about." She advocates for inner belief over external validation, urging aspiring comedians to embrace the personal fulfillment of sharing their authentic voices, regardless of societal expectations.

As a working mom navigating the demanding intersection of family and creativity, Camille offers practical advice: prioritize self-care and maintain boundaries. She encourages women not to sacrifice everything for comedy, emphasizing the importance of balancing personal fulfillment with familial responsibilities.

Despite the inevitable ups and downs of the comedy world, Camille emphasizes resilience and belief in one's talents. She advises creatives to persevere through setbacks, evolve personally and professionally, and foster inclusive spaces that amplify diverse voices.

Camille Waters' journey exemplifies a commitment to passion, community, growth, and enjoyment in the pursuit of creative fulfillment. Her story serves as a beacon of inspiration for anyone daring to chase unconventional dreams, reminding us that staying true to ourselves and curating supportive communities are pivotal in building a meaningful creative career.

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