September 19, 2023

Unmasking a Serial Rapist: The Power of DNA and Genealogy

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Behind every successful case resolution, lies an unrelenting commitment to justice.
Anne Marie Schubert

The Power of DNA Evidence in Crime Solving

Imagine having the DNA evidence and genetic genealogy analysis can grant investigators the power to solve crimes that have remained unsolved for years, or even decades. From solving seemingly impenetrable cases to exonerating the wrongfully accused, DNA evidence possesses immense potential for those involved in the law enforcement field. It aids in creating concrete links between the offender and the crime, making it a reliable, time-tested tool in the hands of investigators. So, what did the guests have to say about this on the podcast? When Amy Whitman dived into the discussion, she unmistakably highlighted how DNA evidence became a make or break in the David Hawkins case. Across her experience enriched by numerous cases, the importance of DNA evidence stood undiminished in achieving a successful conclusion, providing an absolutely crucial proof to back their convictions based on other forms of evidence.

Behind every successful case resolution, lies an unrelenting commitment to justice. In the world of law enforcement, this includes leveraging the power of cutting-edge technology and techniques, such as Investigative Genetic Genealogy (IGG). Utilizing the IGG Center doesn't just speed up case resolution, it also minimizes any risk of convicting innocent individuals, ensuring that justice is served right. The work on the David Hawkins case is testament to law enforcement’s dedication to solving cases and bringing justice. In our story today, the swift identification of Hawkins, a mere 15 hours after DNA upload, via the FBI's IGG program was a highly rewarding moment, affirming his belief in the potential of such advanced techniques to crack the toughest of cases. Take a listen as Anne Marie Schubert goes Inside the Crime Files.

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