January 31, 2024

Walter's Back! Lost & Found in the Comedy Jungle - Part 1

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The only answer is, you just gotta get on stage. Yeah, you gotta get on stage. You have to do it. There's no shortcut to doing standup or, I think, anything of that magnitude of, like, speeching, performing, delivering. - Walter Ford
Walter Ford

Starting a new chapter in life can be a beautiful amalgamation of excitement, fear, and a dash of nostalgia. Walter’s journey from his small hometown in the Midwest to the sunny shores of California is exactly that. It’s a tale filled with laughter, perseverance, and a whole lot of charm. Transitioning from the familiar comfort of home to the thrill of a new place tends to open a lot of avenues for personal growth and exploration. Our man, Walter, embraced his change of surroundings with the same gusto he does for his comedy. The transition from Gary, Indiana, to California wasn't merely a physical move, it served as a catalyst in his exponential growth as a comedian. The shift exposed him to more diverse experiences, broadening his storytelling abilities. He talks about hilarious scenarios from his adoptive state that shape his comedy.

A comedian’s job isn’t just to make people laugh; they also help them to see things differently. Through a unique lens, they tackle the world’s complexities with humor, making the most unfathomable matters a subject of jokes. Nonetheless, these different perspectives in comedy also make them reflect on our realities, making them question, critique, and appreciate our world. During the episode, Walter enlightens us on how he draws from his own life experiences to bring relatability to his comedy. Whether it's his family's resilience, his grandmother's mental health, or his own journey to comedy - all these, when shared in a humorous light, allow his audience to see familiarity within the absurdity. This embodies the essence of comedy: laughing at our common human follies and idiosyncrasies.

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