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Cannabis Enlightened

A San Diego business of cannabis professor, Dr. Leroy Brady shares enlightening and educational information about the subject. Sponsored by March and Ash.

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October 7, 2022

Cannabis, History, and Jobs: In San Diego, Dr. Leroy asks Barry Herzberg

Organizer of the Farmer’s Cup, Barry Herzberg, sits with Dr. Leroy to talk about the great opportunities at the upcoming Cannabis Career Fair and Expo

September 22, 2022

Expensive Stickers Come With Free Weed in New York

For this episode of Cannabis Enlighted, Dr. Leroy interviews Brad Racino, an investigative journalist from the state of New York and now editor and publisher of NY Cannabis Insider. Racino takes us into the weeds of the [il]legal cannabis market in New York. 

September 5, 2022

Meet the Farmer’s ‘Felon’: Underground Cannabis, Fleeing to Canada, and a Fairytale Ending

Dennis Hunter, ‘the Felon’ is a name to be reckoned with in the cannabis industry. Hunter and his partner, Ned Fussel, ‘the Farmer’, are the co-founders of CannaCraft and its “Farmer and the Felon” brand. Together, they have created numerous award-winning flowers and concentrates and, most recently, have partnered with one of the most successful retailers in California, March and Ash.. In Episode 121 of Cannabis Enlightened, Dr. Leroy interviews Hunter, and we hear Hunter’s incredible Cinderella story of ‘Felon’. 

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